Monday, 25 September 2017

Christmas Tree Advent

Good Morning Hope you all had a lovely weekend today I am sharing the instructions for the Christmas Tree Advent Calendar from Daisy's Jewels and Crafts
Take all your pieces out of your Box Lay the Back of the tree on your Table Get your Mdf Glue and first add the alphabet  Letters into there corresponding Slots  Then Take the Numbers and slide them over the Alphas and into the corresponding slots
You should have all the Pieces like this now
Then Glue the Front of your Advent Calendar with Mdf Glue
 Next Lay out all the Drawer pieces into Piles and find the corresponding sections Glue these together
After all the Glue has dried you cad Decorate your Tree like the one below With Paints or Papers, To put lights on your Christmas tree I used Battery Christmas lights and Hot glued them into place, next I cut Acetate to the correct size and sanded it with smooth sandpaper Use a hot glue gun to put the acetate on the Sides and some Velcro to the back of your tree and the Battery pack to keep Hidden
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Hugs S xx

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Linda Simpson said...

This is fabulous! Thank you for the instructions.
Linda xxxx