Tuesday, 3 March 2020

6x6 Gate fold Mini Album

6x6 Gate fold Mini Album

Products you will need
Red Liner Tape Strong glue Greyboard
Good quality card 

All measurements are in Inches

Start with cutting your pieces of Greyboard to
6x3  6x2 ½  6x6  6x 2 ½   6x3
 next stick 2 landscape pieces of A4 Card stock together
and use Red Liner tape to place in this order in the photo above
When placing these you need to leave a gap of two thickness of grey board
so cut two small pieces and tape together for a guide this is so you can close the ablum with ease

Trim the corners off your card stock but do not go to close
Add Red Liner Tape to all sides of the greyboard and Cardstock

Fold over the Long edged first and stick then tuck at the end so all four corners
are neat and tidy and the fold over and Stick the sides down

This is what you should have now

Next we make the Base for the spines to sit on Cut 2 pieces of card 5 ¾ x4
add tape like in the pic these will cover both the 6 x 2 ½ panels

For the spines Take 3 pieces of card 5 ¾ x 3 5 ¾ x2 and 5 ¾ x1
score on each side ½ in

Glue these onto each panel

Next cut 10 pieces of card for the pages 5 ¾ x 5 ½

Now you decorate all your pages 

I hope it makes Sense to you but if you get stuck Leave a message here 
and I will always be on hand to help 

Thank you so much for Reading
Crafty Hugs 


Jackie T said...

Hi Sandra this is very helpful. Take care. Hugs Jackie

hettie said...

your fab hunnie love your work and sharing how too is fabulous thanks sweetie